How do I know if I am a Proclaim candidate?


Proclaim is a great option for most people!


We are able to design a custom mouthpiece just for you even if you have bridges, partial & removable dentures, permanent retainers, implants, crowns, veneers, and fillings!


There are only a few reasons why Proclaim may not work for you:
  • If you are in active orthodontia - the movement of your teeth would over time cause your mouthpiece fit improperly. You are welcome to purchase a system now, but simply wait until you have completed your ortho treatment to get a scan!
  • Growing children experience changes in their dentition and should wait to use our product until their dentition is stable.
  • If you have “all on 4” permanent implants with prosthetic gingiva (fake gums) our product will not work for you.
  • You must have at least one permanent first or second premolar or first molar in each quadrant of your mouth for us to be able to design a mouthpiece for you.

If your healthcare provider has advised treatments like deep cleaning, tartar removal, the completion of restoration, or the need for a filling, we suggest finishing these procedures before undergoing the Proclaim scan to ensure an optimal experience.


During the time of your scan, our partners may make personalized recommendations to you based on their clinical judgement.


Lastly, should you have a removable appliance, please remove it for the scan and during each treatment.


If you have specific questions about your oral anatomy and if this product will work for you, feel free to reach out to customer care!