How do I know if I am a Proclaim candidate?


Proclaim works for most people, as long as your dentition is stable. If you are in orthodontic treatment, you will want to wait until your treatment is complete to have a mouthpiece made. The same goes for kids - wait until their dentition is stable. Proclaim works with bridges, dentures, lingual bars, crowns, veneers, and fillings - if you have a removable appliance, just remove it prior to your scan and when using Proclaim.

You do need to have at least one permanent first or second molar or first molar in each quadrant of your mouth. If you are missing a large number of your back teeth (after removing any removable bridges/dentures), please contact us so we can help evaluate whether you can use Proclaim.

Note that if you have "all on 4" permanent implants, Proclaim will not work for you.