Product Specifications

Discover the Key Specifications for the Proclaim Device, Including Water Reservoir Capacity, Dimensions, and Voltage.

What is the capacity of the water reservoir?

The capacity of the water reservoir (when filled to the fill line) is 21.8 fl oz / 645 ml.

The full reservoir will be used completely during one treatment.

What are the specifications of the Proclaim device?

10.6 inches (27.0 cm)

Width (at widest point)
5.9 inches (15.1 cm)

7.2 inches (18.2 cm)

Water reservoir capacity (to fill line)
21.8 fluid ounces (645 ml)

Voltage and frequency
100 - 240V, 60/50Hz

Total pressure settings

The Proclaim Hydrostation is manufactured in Malaysia, however the Oral Infusion and custom Mouthpiece is manufactured in the US. 

For additional information how to set up and use Proclaim, please click HERE