Scanning and Mouthpieces

Get scanned for Proclaim for free at our partner locations nationwide, with the process taking about 20 minutes.

How long is the scanning process?

A scanning appointment should take approximately 20 minutes. Some scanning partners may request minimal medical history before conducting the scan (similar to new patient paperwork you typically fill out when visiting a new doctor for the first time).

How much does a scan cost?

It's FREE! The cost of this scan is included in the price of your Proclaim, so there will be no exchange of money during your scanning appointment.

How does scanning for Proclaim work?

We have a growing network of scanning partners throughout the U.S. Based on your location, we will connect you to one of our partners for your scan!

To create your custom mouthpiece, we need an intra-oral scan of your mouth. These scans are not x-rays, but work more like high-speed cameras using light to capture hundreds of images. A software then renders a 3D model of your mouth and we use this to create your unique mouthpiece!

Do I have to get scanned by a professional in an office, or can I use an at home impression kit?

You will need to get scanned by a Proclaim Scanning Partner in an office.

Our scanning partners use a specific scanner and shim to obtain the correct scan needed for the custom mouthpiece. Proclaim provides the shims to the Proclaim Partners and once the scan is complete they are sent to Proclaim to produce.

If you have a provider in mind, feel free to fill out this form to nominate the practice and we will take it from there! We will let you know as soon as the practice is ready to accept new scans!
Please let us know if you have any additional questions we can help with.

Would I have to custom order another mouthpiece whenever my teeth shift or get dental work done?

Proclaim’s customized mouthpieces should last at least 2 years with normal use. If there are substantial changes to your dentition, it is possible you may need another mouthpiece.

Talk with your dental professional before any restorative work is done to remind them you are using Proclaim.