Usage and Efficacy

Proclaim enhances oral care alongside traditional practices like brushing and flossing, supported by clinical evidence of its effectiveness in reducing gum bleeding, inflammation, and plaque.

How effective is Proclaim? 

Proclaim + brushing has been clinically proven to reduce gum inflammation, gum bleeding, and plaque accumulation significantly more than brushing + string floss and brushing alone.

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How long do I need to use Proclaim before I see and feel noticeable results?

In clinical studies, reduced gum inflammation, reduced bleeding, and reduced plaque were seen as early as after just 15 days. 

See Full Clinical Study Here

If I purchase Proclaim, do I still need to brush my teeth?

Yes. using our product does not replace brushing your teeth.

If I purchase Proclaim, do I still need to floss with regular floss?

Clinical results show that Proclaim + brushing leads to significantly less gum bleeding, gum inflammation, and plaque vs. string floss + brushing. Always consult your dental professional for guidance on the oral care routine that will work best for you.